It´s not only about the good looks – the Kumpan 1953 features some impressive inner values. The 1953 is compact and stylish. With a unique european retro design, it is sure to attract everyone´s attention. The technical highlight: Portable batteries (LiFePo4 Kraftpakete) which can be removed, transported and charged in no time.

Bring everything you need

The Kumpan 1953 is a little storage miracle. It has a lockable storage compartment under the seat and has an open glove box can carry your belongings. In addition, every Kumpan 1953 comes equipped with a stainless steel rack. On top, you can add a top case in the color of your Kumpan to have additional space.

Small and agile

The Kumpan 1953 is a perfect combination of mobility, elegance and technology. Made for narrow streets as well as large main roads. For those who love to drive smart, fast and stylish.